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The United States of America's government became CORRUPT in 2017 when Donald J. Trump's illegitimate "victory" gained him some appearance of "Executive" power.

Since then, his presence, and the presence of those he has appointed to power, have been ROTTING the tree.

Therefore, we hereby declare:

  1. NOBODY who voted for, intends to vote for, endorse, or support Donald Trump (either directly or indirectly; either past or future; from near or abroad) will be welcomed at this network.
  2. NOBODY currently or formerly associated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), its broker network, the MLS, or its affiliates will be allowed to register with this network; all Realtors, REALTORS, REALTORS(TM), REALTORS*, landlords, Property Management Companies (PMCs), and of course, all Kushner and Trump-related LLCs, hotels, properties and residents shall be, in accordance with the Inter-Planetary covenants of BaE773f, banished to Outer Darkness for a period of at least 13 epochs of maximum punishment.
  3. NOBODY affiliated with unethical and corrupt companies such as EVIL SALESFORCE (including, but not limited to ALL of its "acquisition" companies), which has been terrorizing and murdering asylum seekers at the US border, is torturing and sex trafficking women and children all for Trump's corrupt agenda.

For everyone else

You have nothing to fear. Content on this site is FREE to use, adapt, and modify for your own purposes; sample templates and forms may be distributed with or without attribution.

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Why must we impeach? Rot infected that tree.

The rot has infected two branches of our tree, and Nancy delaying impeachment or lollygagging will only make things worse for her branch and the overall tree.

If the branches analogy doesn't make sense, here's one that should: A three-legged stool cannot sit on two legs. The people who wrote the U.S. Constitution understood this principle to be the same; this is why we have (technically used to have) three "separate but equal branches"; this is why EVERYTHING in our Constitution is designed around three branches, checks and balances, separation of powers.

Slowly but surely, Donald Trump and his corrupt "yes men" and "yes women" have infected all 3 of our branches with rot. There is no way the tree can last until 2020.

The most corrupt branch (Executive) is rotting at an accelerating rate.Those trying to delay cutting it off will surely get clobbered first, as we can be 99.999999999999999999999--> percent certain that the Executive will be the first to topple under the weight of its own rot, clobbering those underneath. The question we need to address today is: how much of the system goes down with it? What about the other branches?

A three-legged stool cannot sit on 1.75 legs. The Senate majority leader (Malevolent Mitch McConnell) is eating away with his insect jaws at the legislative leg of the stool; he is a termite. With the rotten-at-the-core Executive branch, and the infested-with-termites Legislative branch, things are much more serious than most people realize. There is no balance; balance cannot be recovered without exorcising the corrupt individuals perpetuating the rot.


Decolonize your thinking! Ecosteader is a network for sharing better ideas around designing, building, and innovating eco-friendly spaces on our shared soil. We collaborate and amplify the voices of all indigeneous peoples with "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) as we seek to build and participate in a better form of Ecological Democracy. Design lean, build green: compost for wildlife-friendly gardens, micro-homesteads, living walls not border walls, off-grid communities, recycled materials as artwork, and more. WATCH: Why America Must Change. We are anti-Realtors, anti-landlords, and against corrupt RepubliKKKan politicians!