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About Ecosteader & Company

We dedicate our work to the survival of indigenous languages, artists, native plants, water protectors, land defenders.

Ecosteader & Company is the only registered B Corp for "Public Benefit" of Turtle Island natives. We are a tiny organization defending against colonial empires and their social media EXPLOITING and SILENCING indigenous voices. Fascistbook and Twoetter are literally perpetuating indigenous genocide and accelerating destruction of the only habitable planet.

We do not exist to show ads, or to further English or other European accounting regarding the history of colonial settlements on our lands or regarding our DNA. Our accounting does not support anything perpetuating colonial cash dollars or parts of a dollar. We do not exist and work to be slaves to advertisements; all of our public server code is built on open-source and variant open-source protocols for transparency. Not native but still interested in how you can help? (1) A simple cyberzine: Introduction to Decolonization (2) Learn / interact with the Duckpond: Secrets #qmec Quantum Universe are available to the truly decolonized.
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