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About Ecosteader & Company

Ecosteader & Company is a registered B Corp for "Public Benefit"; Native Americans / First Nations people / other indigenous language speakers uniting to decolonize are welcome in this community. Ecosteader & Company is a registered B Corp for "Public Benefit"; we are transparent in our accounting; we do not accept colonist cash to show advertisements, nor do we support data harvesting, or other digital invasions of privacy on the site to sell or steal your thunder. We dedicate our work to the survival of indigenous languages, artists, native plants, water protectors, land defenders. IMPORTANT: we can no longer accept recent Facebook users, and the original Ecosteader project was never and will never be affiliated with Facebook or Instagram. Neither are/were part of any ¨movements¨ to decolonize Turtle Island (would cause them to lose too much of their ¨user engagement¨ ... all the idiots who perform for FB for free!). NATIVE YOUTH AND ELDERS OUGHT NEVER BE COERCED by any adult or peer to share anything on FB; it is not suddenly a safe or trustworthy company because of a pandemic! The corrupt nodes of colonization are throttled thru facebook, and it is still being used to discourage and kill our people. Do not believe them when they say they are not misogynistic, sexist, and racist.

Please read our Terms of Service for more detail: https://www.ecosteader.com/terms