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Ecosteader & Company is seeking a new beneficiary for our founder's spectacular portfolio donation to indigenous peoples. She is good at logic, and her algorithms shall never stop computing the truth; the long-term net benefit is incalculable. No less than 25 percent (nothing under 25 percent) of indie's authorship's earnings shall be donated to an indigenous owned, indigenous-run organization that is entirely autonomous from genocidal capitalistic conglomerate Facebook AKA Instagram AKA Meta Platforms, Inc. No part of indie's work may ever go to benefit the capitalistic conglomerate known as Meta Platforms, Inc, directly or indirectly. Absolutely no "media inquiries" will be responded to by so-called "non-profit" organizations, or arms of organizations that maintain a profile or shadow profile or presence or "link to" the genocidal capitalistic conglomerate known as Meta Platforms, Inc. You can donate your life to serving the WHITE MAN ROUTERS, but we never will. Governments (city, county, HOAs, state, and Federal) as well as __.__ percent of supposed "nonprofits" in so-called US conspire with the NASDAQ-trading $FB,the for-profit corporation. DOES NOT JIVE. US Congress persons are heavily invested in it and other earth-raping malicious inflated megacaps ... so nothing that promotes it can ever really be mutual aid. Just because nobody else is doing it yet does not make it the wrong thing to do.
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